Vice President of the United States of America


"Chuck Goodrich"


Ron Wizard


Franz Rayner

Vice President Ron Wizard, also known as Sir Cowabunga of Clubs, was the court wizard of King Radical and the former Vice President of the United States of America, and he was the second most Radical man in the Radical Lands after King Radical himself.

Ron was one of the candidates to be King Radical along side Sir Hellacious of Hearts, Dame Dudeical of Diamonds and Sir Sicknasty of Spades. When Sicknasty was chosen he prostrated himself before him before Sir Hellacious attacked the new king. Together they fought the mad unicorn in a war that was destroying the Radical Lands until the king one day disappeared.

When Radical's plan to use the time tunnels under Cumberland to bring the Radical Lands to the Cumberland dimension at the cost of everything lame Ron was the first one to appear when he replaced Derek, the lamest person in Cumberland. He was enraged with what Radical did bringing him to a totally lame plane. He agreed to assist in Radical's plan and tried to stop Dr. McNinja from foiling his king's plan.

When Sparklelord was summoned to the world once more, he killed Ron by turning his bones and organs into cake frosting, leaving his corpse to be found later by King Radical.

His powers were fueled by Mountain Dew: Code Red.