Paul Bunyans disease is a medical condition contracted by some young children who partake in Lumberjacking.


  • Pre mature facial hair, even in females
  • Transforming into a full scale replica of Paul Bunyan right down to the clothing, again also in females
  • Heightened aggression, berserker state. This can be controlled
  • A giant blue Ox might appear for some reason. Though this is not part of the sickness


The cure for Paul Bunyans disease is a hair removal salve that must be applied to the beard. The cure acts immediately and sends the disease into remission, however any future lumberjacking may cause a resurgence.

As a side effect the cure also renders the patient unable to grow any facial hair at all.

There is also a salve to undo the effects of the cure, that when applied to the face instantly revert the afflicted back into Paul Bunyan.


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