Mitzi McNinja is the mother of Dr. McNinja and Sean "Dark Smoke Puncher" McNinja and the wife of Daniel McNinja. She disapproves of the doctor's profession, preferring that he should be an assassin. Her two specialties are pickled beets (which nobody likes) and precisely aimed demolitions. Unlike the male McNinjas, Mitzi wasn't born with a genetic predisposition towards ninjutsu and originally lived her life as a thief until she married into the family. She was killed in an alternate universe while fighting dinosaurs, but was resurrected when her son reset the timeline. She currently lives with her son Dark Smoke Puncher and husband Dan McNinja. Following the presumed death of her first son she was infected with the Curse of the Mummy after presumably attempting to assassinate the mayor of Cumberland of the time, Archibald, King of the Hobos. After the doctor revealed himself to his family once more she was cured of the curse.




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