Limbo (Otherwise known as the Waiting Room of the Afterlife) is where Death escorts the dearly departed after they die.


Not truely the Afterlife, Limbo serves as a place for the dead to cleanse themselves of their sins before they can ascend to wherever and whatever really lies beyond.

The Waiting Room takes on the appearance of a high class restaurant with dreadful service (The worst).

Diners cleanse themselves of their sins by literally eating them in the form of a multiple course meal, Of which can take years if not centuries for them to complete as you must eat 'every' sin you have committed from the biggest and most devastating to white lies about not brushing your teeth when you where a child. Also, it doesn't help that though it must seat everyone who dies, there is only one waiter, Death himself.

There is always bread readily available for diners to snack on while they wait.

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