John McNinja was the father of Daniel McNinja and the grandfather of Dr. McNinja. A hedge wizard and incredibly skilled ninja, his long career earned him countless enemies, enough that his presence at the family household drove his son and daughter-in-law to prepare with weapons, not for him, but for those who sought to kill him. John was a member of the Guild of European Ninjas, and was not allowed to take American Guild contracts. He did attempt to take on a gig with his grandson to assassinate Robert Ortiva on the behalf of his sister Julia. However, Robert had been possessed by a ghost wizard, and John realized he was out of his league and attempted to leave when it gave the two a chance to leave. His grandson, however, angered the wizard, and John was forced to tap into his magic to petrify it, at the cost of his own life and his grandson's first name, which would be forgotten by everyone except himself. So long as he wouldn't say his first name, the ghost wizard would remain in stone. Years later, now-Dr. McNinja revealed his first name to Sparklelord, and the ghost wizard was freed from its prison.




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