Franz Reiner is a former action movie star from the 80's, as well as the enemy of all ninjas. He is one of Dr McNinja's greatest enemies.

When Dr McNinja was still a child. His father and Franz fought for the position of head ninja. Franz was beating him until Dr McNinja realised that Franz weak point was in his butt cheek. Disturbed but punching him there none the less Dan McNinja defeated Franz, but not before he got his mask torn reveiling to an awe struck group of ninjas the mans magnificant moustache.

Not to be outdown Franz tried showing off his own facial hair....a rather groutesque looking neck beard that only caused everyone to laugh at him. Angry and disgraced Franz dedicated the rest of his life to hunting down and killing ninjas. He turned himself into a highly successful multi millionaire action movie star, taking out ninjas on screen while secretly doing it in real life.

Franz has the ability to rearrange his innards in almost any way he desires. While having no outward effect this means he can move around his vitals to avoid severe damage, and could move around his weak point his body so he could never be beaten the same way twice.

Recently after surviving a fatal fall Franz had a leg and an eye replaced. The leg that was replaced was were he moved his weak point to before he lost it so now he has no weak point, but he likes to fool people into thinking its a rocket leg to psyke them out. His eye has a working laser in it, however it can only be fired once since without any form of power source it takes calories from Franz's body and converts it to energy, the firing of this laser leaves Franz exhausted and hungry.

He has a super ninja named Mongo working for him