Cumberland, Maryland is the town where Dr. McNinja lives. The more notable features of Cumberland include a system of underground tunnels, Dr. McNinja's office, the Monster Mart and a zombie defense system.

The last true mayor of the city was Mayor Chuck Goodrich, who was presumed deceased in a space shuttle explosion and was later killed by King Radical in the past. The city was later regented by Archibald, the King of the Hobos due to the Cumberland Sovereign Mayor Act of 1910 that stipulated he would take office if the mayor's office was vacant for more than thirty days. Upon the arrival of an alternate version of Chuck Goodrich, the key to the city was handed off to him by Archibald despite him not being the real Chuck Goodrich. The office was made vacant once more when Goodrich was chosen to replace the Vice President of the United States of America.

In truth, this version of Goodrich was actually King Radical himself, who hid in the White House Nega-zone to pass himself off as an alternate version of Chuck Goodrich who came to the past to prevent the death of President Maria Funkhouser. The current mayor of the city, if any, is unknown.