Archibald, King of the Hobos was the interim mayor of Cumberland following the presumed deaths of Charles Goodrich and Dr. McNinja in a space shuttle explosion. He entered office due to an obscure law in the town charter, the Cumberland Sovereign Mayor Act of 1910 that stipulated that if the mayor's office was vacant for thirty days the office would be filled by Archibald, King of the Hobos. Upon entering office he declared his deputy mayor to be his companion, a mummified prince of Egypt whom he met during his adventures and granted him the gift of immortality. He ran as mayor until the arrival of an alternate version of Chuck Goodrich, who despite telling him was not the same Chuck Goodrich was handed the key to the city and welcomed back before Goodrich could deny it, and the pair disappeared, returning to a life of adventure.

During his time in office, it was seen that Archibald was a fairly compitent politician. While Chuck was hindered in his position by constant bullying and threats by King Radical, Archibald never even remotley feared the cool crime lord since his friend the mummy made for a very good bodyguard. However, being an adventurer more than a mayor he has also cut a lot of essential services that didn't align with his personnel point of view, such as the elderly meal delivery service.